Hope Hypnotic

by Plastic Farm

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released April 30, 2017

All music by Michael Watson
Mastered by Jordan Rannells
Recorded in my basement



all rights reserved


Plastic Farm Ottawa, Ontario

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Track Name: Hope Hypnotic

Hold me up
I know you're breaking but it can't be us
It's not emotion if it's your intent
You've got to keep it to yourself

But you can't stop me from my instincts
You can't stop me from me
You can't stop us from our instincts

Come back to me

I fall away again
Track Name: Eyes Closed
Pull away stop the drain from you
I would say I'm not there for you now

I never want to see again
But I want to know if this is real

I'll keep my eyes closed in the meantime

Never say it's from chemical
I'll stop my brain from losing touch with you now

I never want to see again
But I need to know if this is real
Track Name: 25
Waited an hour or so we thought
Our bodies buzzing into knots
Come on and feel your eyes adjust
Take more light in dark turns to dust

If we could dance the night away you know we would love
If I can let you know the way you know I will
If we could walk the night away you know we would love

It's not easy anymore
We have to fight to let it show
No it's not easy anymore
So let's go out and break their mold

My love showed patterns in the sky
Linked all the movements in your eyes
Come on and feel your sun within
No more than light and heat seeps in
Track Name: Musk
Pipe down, my ears are falling out now
All the shouting in my mind
Hold still, the fear will inhabit you
Just go walking until you come down

I wanted to remember
So I tripped and let my anger out

Cause when you hold me
I get the feeling that I wanted
Oh when you hold me

Pipe down, my ears have fallen out now
And all is quiet in my mind
Hold still, the fear will only guide you
Can't have calm without it anyway

I fall away again